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Valerie Le Moignan


Born in Holyhead to a Jersey father and Mancunian mother, I had a nomadic childhood, living all over the south before settling in Brighton.

At 20 I ventured off to Hong Kong, cleverly arriving the day the communists riots started with water for 4 hours once every 4 days and bombs at the door of the restaurant I was managing! I left after 5 years and returned to U.K. for another short 5 years working for a hotel in Knightsbridge, a travel agent in Soho and a Canadian airline (!!). Returning to HKG to start the HK Convention Bureau, a role that took me around the world and a time when I made many wonderful lifelong friends.

Back in the UK in the eighties I worked as Sales and Marketing Director for some very beautiful hotels including the then Trump owned Plaza Hotel in NYC, later the Copacabana Palace in Rio and the Mount Nelson in S. Africa, both owned by the illustrious Orient Express company.

By my late 40's it was time to settle into a serious job and I joined a world famous US head hunting company as a senior partner where I stayed until I retired in my mid sixties.

I have kept a home in TW since 1976 and LOVE WHERE I LIVE! which is why I am active on the committee of Friends of Dunorlan Park as well as Chair of the recently formed Friends of Hawkenbury Rec. I am also the TW founder & coordinator of a UK charity that befriends elderly people who live alone.


Born in London, lived in Bromley for years and also some time in Brighton, Tunbridge Wells is my home now and I love our town. One of my best decisions was to accept the invitation to join the Friends of Hawkenbury Rec Committee as Secretary. What a great group of people, all working to keep the Rec a lovely place and to bring the Hawkenbury community together by running events etc. Last May I was privileged to be elected as a Tunbridge Wells Borough Councillor for Park Ward. Early days but I'm doing my very best to deal with issues raised by residents.


Siobhan O'Connell

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Andrew Fairfax


Andrew Fairfax Scrutton has lived in Hawkenbury since 2012 and is married with three children.

Andrew established the Fairfax Gallery on The Pantiles in 1995 having worked in the City at Lloyds of London in Reinsurance.

Andrew was a founder member of The Association of Pantiles Traders and a former Chair of the Pantiles Residents Association.

Andrew and his family enjoy the green space of the Rec with their Westie Teddy daily and hope the area can be protected and well maintained for the benefit of all.

Born and raised in Milan,  Italy I moved to Hawkenbury with my family (and our dog!) just before the first lockdown, after living in London for nearly 10 years. I am an online business manager who specialises in startups and I love all things marketing. I joined the Friends as I felt it was a good opportunity to be part of a group and to do something useful for my new community.

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Eva Viola Tedeschi

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Matt & Caroline Tompkins

Originally from West Sussex and Gloucester respectively, we moved to Hawkenbury in 2009 from East Grinstead where we met whilst working at the local hospital.

As a family we enjoy camping, concerts, music festivals, rugby and spending time with friends and family. We feel very lucky to live in such a lovely area with the rec on our doorstep (literally) providing us with a beautiful open space in which we enjoy picnics, meeting friends, playing tennis, the playground and exercising/walking in the rec and surrounding area.

We feel passionate about maintaining and improving the Hawkenbury recreation ground and we are very happy to be a part of this great community who love our green space as we do.

I’ve lived in Hawkenbury over 40 years, and in my younger days played football for both Hawkenbury and the Spread Eagle.

I still enjoy a kick about in the rec with my youngest son as well as dog walking in the rec and woods.

I joined the Friends of Hawkenbury Rec committee to ensure the green spaces of the rec and facilities are maintained to a good standard for all to enjoy.

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Simon Green

coming soon!


I’m Sally and I’ve lived in Hawkenbury since 2005. I’m a mother to two girls and two labs! I’ve a huge passion for health and well-being and I’m currently working as a health coach in west Kent with the NHS. I’ve previously lived abroad, worked in London, taught locally and finely found my niche in supporting healthy lifestyle change with patients. I very much value the environment we live in, encouraging nature to be part of our lives and to support the locally community with kindness, compassion and care.


Sally Anne Salter

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