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  • To support a well-maintained and safe public recreation ground which can enhance the quality of life for local people and the wider community and act as a focus for bringing the community together.

  • To promote and encourage the local community to take an active interest in the conservation, protection

    and enhancement of the park for the benefit of those it serves.

  • To ask and support the views of local people and rec users, to help involve them in planning and decision-making activities that impact the rec.

  • To actively support the development of a sense of community between local residents who love their beautiful green space and those who use the park, promoting and encouraging enjoyment for all.


The Friends work towards these objectives in several ways and over the course of the year various events are organized to support the evolution of the rec at the heart of our community.

We welcome new members who wish to bring their energy and enthusiasm to promoting the aims of the Friends. Membership is open to anyone by simply providing their name and email/address for the membership list.

The Friends have an active Facebook and Instagram page which we’d love you to like and follow, simply click on the link above and join us.


If you have any ideas to improve the recreation ground, or events you would like organised, we would love to hear them. Thanks to the development of new houses off Hawkenbury Road, there will be some funds available (section 106 money from the developer of Hollyfields, Berkley Homes) to enhance facilities on the recreation ground for children’s play. How would you like to see this money spent?

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